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I encourage you to live a life designed with intention by using high-performance strategies to optimize your time.

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Hi, I'm McClain McKinney!

For a long time, I struggled to find any purpose or belonging. I had all this energy, but no focus or direction. No plan. I devoured hundreds of books, learned from dozens of courses, and surrounded myself with mentors. All of the steps to success, right? Somehow I still felt like I was going nowhere. It was at this point that I unknowingly embarked on a search for a purposeful life. It was a journey that pushed me to begin living with intention in everything that I did. This is my journey, now designed for you.

With products like The Intentional Curriculum and our Monthly Masterminds, we aim to create a conversation in today’s culture. One where we choose to bless each other with our words instead of tearing one another down. Where we put others before ourselves. A movement filled with love. I have witnessed people's lives changed with this program. I hope you’ll join me in living a life filled with intention. 


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The central question that drives my work is, “How can we live life to its fullest potential?” To answer that question, I like to utilize science and research to create a more intentional approach to how we live.


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